Evan began his journey early on making short films, skits, and spec commercials with his younger brother. He started off as an actor and landed many background roles on big time studio pictures. Acting as a sponge to production and learning the ropes is what led Evan to focus more on creating content of his own. Evan used the money he earned as a Visual Effects production assistant at 20th Century Fox to buy his first cinema package. This turned into a career in Freelance Cinematography. Evan opened many doors for himself by owning top of the line production equipment and coming on set to operate for some of the biggest music video Directors in the the industry. Such as; Ben Griffin, Rage, Matt Alonzo, Andrew Sandler, Mark Klassfeld, Eif Rivera, and Taylor Randall. Not to mention great Narative Directors as well. Evan’s passion and dedication to the craft shows throughout all of his work.